HerSolution in Canada

HerSolution Canada: Women may start to lose their sex drive for a selection of reasons at different times in their lives, such as after having an infant, throughout menopause, and also due to elements such as poor diet plan, lack of workout, and anxiety. These female arousal troubles may lead them to start trying to find solutions to ensure that their relationships don’t start to experience.

Because of this, there are numerous non-prescription sexual improvement items for ladies now available.

One popular women sex drive booster is called HerSolution. HerSolution is a natural sex-related enhancement supplement made by Leading Side Wellness that claims to be 100-percent natural, effective and also totally secure.

” Meticulously developed by a team of professionals, HerSolution includes a very precise mix of herbals, nutrients, as well as aphrodisiacs that collaborate to delicately and normally restore your desire for and also the enjoyment of sex,” the HerSolution site states.


Leading Side Health and wellness declares that the supplement functions by “normally correcting the many hormonal, dietary, as well as stress-induced discrepancies that may be burglarizing you of the need for sexual affection.”

It also includes a 60-day money-back warranty.

Seems innocent sufficient. What is the downside?

HerSolution Ingredients May Pose Risks

HerSolution active ingredients consist of Tribulus Terrestris and also DHEA.

The Tribulus Terrestris is a natural supplement that enhances testosterone levels that assists to both increase sexual efficiency, in addition, to aid in building muscle mass. The kind of Tribulus Terrestris that Leading Side Health puts in its formula is called epimedium sagittatum.

The disadvantage to this component for females is that increased testosterone may assist boost sexual function, but it can also bring about a boost in facial hair as well as contribute to mood modifications.

DHEA is a hormonal agent made in the adrenal gland that converts into the sex hormones estrogen and testosterone.

The concern with DHEA is that it can increase levels of androgens and estrogen that are too high which could increase the risk for some types of cancer such as breast cancer, uterine cancer, and prostate cancer. There is also concern that it may increase the risk of heart stroke, diabetes, and disease.

Also, when DHEA is combined with hops, another ingredient in HerSolution, it can lead to excessive drowsiness, slow muscle control, and even coma. The two ingredients should be used cautiously together.

The point is to make sure the ingredients are safe to use whether alone or in combination with each other.

If you purchased HerSolution or another female sexual enhancement product that did not work as advertised or contained hidden ingredients, you may be eligible to participate in a free class action lawsuit investigation. Participating in this class action may make you eligible to receive compensation for the money you spent on an allegedly defective product. Learn more at the Natural’ Sexual Enhancement Pill Class Action Lawsuit Investigation